Somewhere to document my thoughts, my adventures, and everything away from home. 

Hi. I'm Eleanor, but you can call me Ellie. I'm 22 and I'm from a small village in Hampshire, on the south coast of the United Kingdom.

I started this blog in summer 2014 when I was 18. I had just finished my A Levels and I was about to embark on my gap year; 8 months of solo travel from New Zealand to Australia, through South East Asia finishing up in the United States of America. I had without a doubt the best year of my life, and since then I have tried my best to get myself out of my comfort zone and take hold of every opportunity that has come my way. 

In September 2015, I packed up my room at home in Hampshire and moved up to Bath, where I would be studying for 3 years. I completely fell in love with the place, but during holidays I still tried to find the time and money to travel as much as I could.

After my first two years of university, as part of my degree, my third year would have to be spent in a foreign country, either studying or working. In August 2017 I will be moving to Paris to study at Sciences Po for 4 months, and then in January 2018, I will move to Cannes for at least 6 months before returning to complete my final year in Bath in October 2018. 

I hope you enjoy reading about what's going on in my head, my heart and my life, as much as I enjoy sharing it with you,

Ellie x