Whenever I drive between home and Bath, I pass Stonehenge. Even though I only live about 45 minutes away and I must have passed Stonehenge more time than I can count, I've never found the time to walk round. That is, until today. 

Located just north of Salisbury in Wiltshire, Stonehenge is quite possibly England's most famous historical monument. What I find incredible is that nobody is sure exactly why it was built. It's believed that religious festivals were held there or even funerals, since important figures are buried within site of the stones. I also read that it was created as a sun tomb, as the rocks align during the longest and shortest days of summer of the year, known to us as Midsummer's Day and Midwinter's Day. Every year, people gather on both these days to watch the sun's alignment through the tomb. It's definitely something on my bucket list to witness.