The Best Month In Barcelona


Having finished school a week or two ago, and with a couple of months before I had any real plans, I decided I needed to do something worthy of my time which would also involve me getting out of the country. I started to do a little bit of research and worked out that it might be possible for me to go and study Spanish for a couple of weeks in one of my favourite places, Barcelona. 

I contacted an agency that managed to set me up with some student accommodation and a course where we would be taught in English for three hours in the morning on weekdays. It sounded perfect! It was my first time away from home by myself, and I knew it would be a good way to see if I could handle being away for five months later on in the year. 


Arriving in the city, I vaguely knew where the main sights were and what the things I wanted to see and do were, having been in the city the year before with my parents. It turned out my student room was on the street overlooking La Sagrada Familia, so every time I looked out my window, there was this incredible monument!