The Best View Over The Dolomites

After a couple of days in Verona, I was excited to begin our two week road trip around Northern Italy. Since I was with my parents, we all kind of chipped in to where we wanted to go so that we could plan an efficient route. Dad was really keen to go to Cortina up in the mountains. 

I don't think that I had heard of the Dolomites before, but as we got closer and closer to Cortina, I couldn't believe how beautiful the scenery was; it was something like out of a movie or the Sound of Music. I think it was in fact my time visiting a mountainous region such as this in summer time; usually I find myself there during winter and ski season. 

After exploring the cutest town ever for an hour or two, we took two cable cars up to get a better view of our surroundings. At the top, either people went off hiking or they lazed around on the sundeck and grabbed some food. It really was the most incredible view!