A Long Weekend In Amsterdam

After working in the south of France little over two months, I had saved up a bit to do a bit of a city dash around Europe in September. I knew that I wanted to return to Rome, and going to Venice and Florence had always been high on my list of places to visit. I then thought about adding Paris to that list as it was a potential place to work for part of my year abroad so I wanted to check it out, and then it turned out that flights were really cheap to Amsterdam so that also became part of my adventure.

So my plan was three days in Amsterdam, followed by four days in Paris, then to head over to Italy where I’d start in Venice, and after two days I’d take the train down to Florence for a night and then I’d finish with five days in Rome.

Anyway back to Amsterdam! I’ve heard so many wonderful things about the city of canals, but for some reason I’d never felt the urge to go, well until now. I felt as though I needed to give the place a chance and I’m so glad I did. I flew with British Airways on an early flight from Gatwick, and I chose to stay at Clink Noord hostel, an easy free boat ride across the river from central station.

I spent three wonderful days riding around the cobbled streets on my gorgeous blue bike, cycling from parks to museums to cafes. I bought an all-day boat pass for a couple of canal boats that pass all of the main tourist spots and along the key sections of the canal. In the evenings, with a couple of girls that I’d met in the hostel we wandered through the red light district and into some coffee shops to see what the fuss was all about. While this is definitely not my thing, it was interesting to see inside one. Interesting is one way of putting it.