Passing Through Florence

Florence was somewhere I was really looking forward to going. I hadn't read much about it but most of my friends had been and so I was expecting to love it, just as they had done. The train from Venice to Rome, passed through Florence, so it seemed silly not to stop and spend some time there.

I caught the train down from Venice early morning, which took about two hours, through the idyllic Tuscan countryside. After days of rain and cloud, I was hoping for clear skies so that I could make the most of my two days in Florence, which sadly didn't happen.

I spent a couple of hours wandering around the shops in the city centre and across Ponte Vecchio, a couple of hours eating in cafes and restaurants, and then a couple of hours wondering around the museums such as the Uffizi Gallery. Then, in the evenings, for sunset or what little there was of it, I would wander up to Piazzele Michelangelo.

Perhaps I wasn't in the mood for museums, or I had spent enough time in cities the past week but for some sad reason, Florence just didn't do it for me. I must admit that I was feeling slightly homesick, so I suppose a mixture of that and the weather made sure that Florence didn't live up to it's potential. I know that I can't and I won't love every city and every place that I go to, but I also know that there are many people out there who absolutely love this city, so I'm hoping that the next time I go I'll see a different side to Florence!