Lake Como and Lake Garda

For a while now, I've really wanted to go and see the lakes in northern Italy. I've watched all those films and seen all those pictures which feature these magnificent houses with incredible views over the lake and I wondered when it would be my turn to go and see it in real life. So you can imagine I was delighted when my parents announced that this summer's family italy would be a road trip around northern Italy! We booked a couple of nights on each lake; first Lake Como, then Lake Iseo and finally Lake Garda.

I had already booked my flights home for two days as I had a 21st which meant that I only had one night in Como which was a massive shame. It was definitely my favourite out of the three lakes! We stayed in an amazing hotel on the water's edge with paddle boards available for hire. It was also just across from George Clooney's house and we had the most incredible views. I would 100% return to Como, it was unbelievably beautiful and I think it's my favourite place that I've been in the whole of Italy!

Lake Garda was equally as lovely, but a little bit less striking. We changed hotels twice, first in the west, before ending up in the south at Sirmione, the most touristy but my favourite area of the lake!