A Morning In Monaco

Let me start by saying; I absolutely love Monaco! I know that it can at first feel super overwhelming and super shallow, but I think it's absolutely beautiful and I also find it incredibly intriguing! It lies on the most stunning bit of coastline of the French Riviera between Menton and Nice, and I made sure to make it somewhere that I needed to visit at least once during my time in the south. 

I'd already been here before with my parents, but I wanted to see it a little bit more in depth this time. I caught the train in from nice and then walked my way up from the train station to Monte Carlo where the Casino is. After admiring the view over the harbour I grabbed a drink in Cafe de Paris, possibly the most expensive lemonade I will ever buy!

I then caught the bus up to the other side of Monaco, where the Royal Family resides. It's the old part of town, and incredibly beautiful! You can see the palace and the cathedral where royals get married, while you have views over both sides of Monaco.