Summer In The South Of France

As a student, being able to afford to go away for the whole of summer wasn't something that I was able to do, but I was still eager to think of a way that I could. Last summer I spent three months working for a wonderful summer camp in the U.S., and I was lucky enough to be offered the chance to return this summer. As much as I loved my time in the states, I wanted a new and different challenge that would allow me to see another part of the world and experience something new.. After some time researching on the internet, I came across the idea of being an au pair, and after some consideration, I decided to try it out and spend my summer living with another family in a foreign country while looking after their kids. 

Originally I decided I wanted to au pair in either Barcelona or Rome, and I soon discovered that there were many families in these areas who were interested in my profile and who wanted an interview with me. However, by chance, I then came across a profile of a family who lived in the South of France, and I began to think how lovely it would be to spend my summer there instead. After toying between the three destinations, I settled on searching for a family in France, preferably in the French Riviera. This was for two reasons; firstly I could speak conversational French and I was keen to improve it, and secondly, where could be better to spend summer than in the South of France?