From 2016 To 2017

As the year comes to an end, I find myself looking back on everything I've achieved and experienced this year, both in terms of travelling and personally. 

Travelling-wise, I've been to some incredible places this year, many of them for the first time. I've met and made friends with people from countries all over the world, with lives far different from my own. I've become far more confident in my ability to travel by myself and my desire to get out and see the world while I'm young and able has only gotten stronger. I know that travelling brings out the best in me, and usually when I'm at my happiest and most confident is when I'm away exploring our world. 

I started the year returning back to Bath for a couple of weeks before heading out to Val Thorens on the University Ski Trip where I would also celebrate my birthday. I then spent the next couple of months saving and planning for a summer where the plan was to spend 4 months overseas. After a week with my family in Greece, it was time to head to the south of France where I would be for approximately two months working as an au pair. During this time I was able to travel along the coast from Hyeres to Nice, Monaco and St. Paul de Vence. I then had the opportunity to stay with some friends in Aguia Blava in Spain for a few days before taking the bus down for a week in my favourite European city, Barcelona! I then flew to meet my parents in Italy where we drove around the northern lakes for two weeks. After a week back at home of relaxing, I packed a carry-on ready for two weeks of city-travel around Europe; Amsterdam, Paris, Venice, Florence and Rome. Then finally as September drew to a close, it was time to pack up the car once again, and drive up to Bath to start my second year. 

As for 2017, I'm super excited for what's about to happen! Rather than travelling, I'll actually be packing my bags and moving to another country! Yes, this summer, I will be heading across the English Channel and spending 4 months in Paris, followed by 6 months in Cannes! However before this all happens, I'll be spending a week in Bermuda watching the America's Cup with my parents, and then 6 weeks back in my favourite place, Hyeres, with maybe a couple of spontaneous trips in between!