Au Revoir Hyeres

Out of all the places that I've visited in my life, Hyeres will always have a special place in my heart. I've been here for 9 weeks, and sadly tomorrow is my last day here. In this short time, it already feels like home and I know for sure that I'll be back here one day, maybe even for good. It's absolutely beautiful, especially in summer, and just far west enough that fortunately it hasn't been discovered by those millions of tourists that descend on the Riviera in the summer months. 

Although I was 'working' as an au pair, I wouldn't say I've done a single piece of 'work'. In fact, it's felt more like I've stayed with friends for a very long time. As someone who's mood and mindset is thoroughly reactive to the weather, I've always wondered why people choose to stay somewhere the doesn't have a good climate all year round. Every day here I woke up feeling fresh and positive, excited for the day ahead. I think it's such a wonderful place to live, and also raise kids. I can definitely see myself coming back here to bring up a family - I think it such a wonderful thing for kids to be around nature - the mountains, the beach, the sea.

It was definitely a risk coming here instead of returning back to the states to work at camp, but I'm so pleased I took it! I don't know what my plan is for next summer yet, it all depends on when my work placement starts. Whether I come back next summer or it takes a little longer for me to find the time to return, I will certainly miss this place!