Welcome To Westminster

Without a doubt, the best thing that has happened to me these past three years that I've been travelling, has to have been that I've met some wonderful people from all over the world. I've managed to stay in contact with the majority of them, even if it feels unlikely that we'll see each other anytime soon. Last week, I got a message from a friend that I had met at camp in the United States and whom I hadn't seen in over a year, saying that him and a couple of others from my time in the states would be in London for the weekend and was I free to meet up.

They were staying at a hostel near St. Paul's Cathedral, an area which I know pretty well from the time that I was working in London to fund my gap year travels. We began by walking along the Strand, past Somerset House and Kings College London. I pointed out the Savoy and where Covent Garden began, before we arrived in Trafalgar Square. We then continued down Whitehall, past Horse Guards Parade and 10 Downing Street before arriving at Westminster and Parliament Square. This probably took us about two hours, as we stopped for lots of photos and chatted along the way. Sadly I couldn't stay for long as I had to catch a train to Twickenham to watch a rugby game, but it was such a lovely thing to do while catching up with old friends from across the pond!