A Weekend In St Malo

As I was having drinks with a friend last week, she mentioned that she had just booked a train ticket to St. Malo for the weekend, and that'd she be keen for some company if I wanted to join her. As much I adore Paris, I was definitely ready for a weekend away from the city, especially to a place that my parents loved so much but that I'd never been to.

We caught a direct train up to St. Malo early Sunday morning arriving around 11am. We then walked the twenty minutes from the station in central St Malo and dumped our bags at our hotel so we could go out and explore. We spent the next couple of hours walking around the castle walls before having some savoury crepes for lunch at a lovely little pub-like restaurant with a wonderful view across the sea. We were super lucky with the weather as we had been at Disney, and St. Malo looked so lovely! I was just so happy to be back by the sea again, for sure the place where I feel my most happiest.

Although it was warm outside, it was windy and the water was so cold but we really wanted to go for a swim. I decided to go in slowly and adjust to the temperature but being from Canada where in winter it hits -20, Kath ran straight in and went completely under. After that and with about a hundred people watching us I had to hurry up. For those of you who know me personally, you'll know that I used to love my swimming, to the point that I felt like it defined me when I was younger. I was 'the swimmer' at school, and to this day I really enjoy getting back into the water.

After swimming out to a buoy and back it was time to head back to the hotel to take a warm shower and change for dinner, and I also needed to do a bit of work. As we headed out for dinner, we came across a lovely seafood restaurant, and enjoyed some good food and a bottle of wine.