Disneyland Paris

Although I've been twice before, something I have been so excited to do since I arrived in Paris has been to visit Disneyland Paris. I remember having the best time here when I was younger, and even though I've grown up a fair bit since then, I was really keen to go back! 

We caught an early train out to Disney so we could avoid the queues when it opened and fortunately when we arrived about 9.30 it was completely empty. It was so lovely to walk around without the crowds, especially when we later compared it to the crowds of people that turned up for the parade in the afternoon. 

I don't think I could tell you which was my favourite part of the day; maybe it was the rides, maybe it was the atmosphere, or maybe it was feeling like a 5 year old again. We considered trying to do both Disney and the Studios in one day but realised that we'd rather not feel stressed and just enjoy our time there which looking back I think was a really good decision. We probably could have spent a couple of hours in the Studios but I guess it gives me a good excuse to go back another time! We did as many of the rides as possible, and I would highly recommend fast-track as it was our life saver.