A Few Days Back Home

After 2 months in Paris, I was able to break my time there in two with a week off to spend back home. Although I love living in Paris, and I suppose people usually describe me as a city girl, I love love love being back in the countryside and by the sea.

I had an early morning flight from Paris to Southampton around 9am, and so within 2 hours, I was already home, and passed out on my bed. Although I was buried in work and knew that things were only going to get busiebr once I was back in Paris, I tried to relax and re-engergise as much as possible. As much as I try to get away from the south coast and England in general as much as possible, I do love coming back to see my family and sleep in my own bed once in a while. It may not be the most exciting place in the world, and I definitely can't see myself living there anytime soon, it was a great place to grow up and it will be always my 'home', even if sometimes I consider it to be more of a base. I also found time to sneak in a quick trip up to Bath for Halloween.