Living In The 16th Arrondissement

I've been living in the 16th arrondissement for nearly 4 months now, and so I thought that I'd write a post about my experience and whether I would live in this part of Paris again. 

Le 16eme, is located the other side of the river from the Eiffel Tower, lodged in between the Seine and the Bois de Boulogne. It's mainly residential, but you can find a couple of the key tourist sites like Trocadero, Iena and Alma to the north. When I'm asked where I live, most people are surprised to hear that I live there as it's not relatively common for exchange students to live there.  I've heard a couple of english voices, but it's mostly comfortable middle-class families living in big, spacious appartements, i.e. life goals. 

Although it can take 40 minutes to get to the Marais or Canal St. Martin, and it's completely the other side of town from the nightlife, I love it here. My main rule, was that I wanted to feel safe and I 100% do. I live on Rue de la Pompe, one of the longest streets in Paris, within 3 minutes walking distance from a metro on a central line and a bus that's direct to Sciences Po. For me, the location is perfect. It's certainly not where it's going on, and only a couple of my friends are living nearby, but I feel like I'm living the real parisian experience. 

If I were coming back as a young, single, girl again, I probably would live somewhere else. Not because I didn't like it, but because i'd want to try somewhere new and see a different side of Paris. If I were coming back in 20 years, with a family, then the 16th would definetly be at the top of my list of places to be based. It's certainly felt like home.