Our Last Super In Paris

Before leaving Paris, I wanted to organise a large dinner at my favourite restaurant before everyone began to leave Paris and head home for Christmas. After 15 weeks, and with only one week to go, we enjoyed a bittersweet supper at Auteuil Brasserie in the 16eme. 

Since first coming here with my parents in September, I knew that it would be a great place for a large group of my friends. It's always difficult in Paris to find somewhere that takes reservations and has space for big groups, and although it's quite far out of the way for my friends who live in the east, Auteuil Brasserie is just the perfect place. They had even decorated the whole place for a winter and après-ski vibe with some fake snow and white fur blankets over every chair. About 15 of us gathered for an evening of good food and even better company.