A Girls Weekend In Weymouth

Rather than staying in Bath to study, myself and a group of girlfriends road-tripped down to the seaside town of Weymouth for a few days of fun and relaxation. One of the girl's family owned a gorgeous house right on the harbourfront and we were invited to stay there for two nights.

We spend our first day exploring the island of Portland and Chesil Beach, and the following day we spend walking around Weymouth and along the promenade. We did a mixture of eating out and eating in; on our first night we ate at a lovely family-owned Italian restaurant called Enzo and then of course the next day we grabbed some classic British fish and chips from Bennett's. 

I don't think I've ever been to Weymouth before, but I remember that my parents had been 5 years earlier to watch the 2012 Olympic sailing which took place in the bay. It's a lovely place, and it was definitely fun to escape the library and my desk back in Bath for a couple of nights!