Scooter Rental On Bermuda

On Friday, as there was no sailing scheduled, we decided to spend the day scootering around the island. We hired scooters from Smatt's rentals, the shop located just next to the Hamilton Princess, and before we knew it, we were off on a family adventure. I've been on quad-bikes many times but never a scooter, so I was a little nervous before riding one for the first time. However after hearing about my Mum's adventures that she used to have on her scooter when she was my age, I realised I needed to quit worrying and up my game!

We first scootered from Hamilton across to Admiralty Point, and then along the north shore to Flatt's Village, probably the most picturesque town of the island. From there we continued to travel north past the airport to St. Georges where we stopped for lunch. We then retraced our route, stopping at Bailey's ice cream. We continued down the island until we reached Elbow beach where we stopped for 30 minutes or so for some relaxation. We scootered across to Horseshoe Bay for a drink before making the small trip across to Gibbs's Lighthouse, before heading back to Hamilton in rush hour. We had them for 24hrs so instead of returning them that evening, we kept them so the following morning we could scooter across to Admiralty Park for a morning swim!