Golden Hour At Bunkers Del Carmel

Although I only discovered this place for the first time last year, it has quickly become one of my favourite spots to go to every time I'm in the city. With the most incredible views over Barcelona, and still not well-known by tourists, it truly is the best place to head for a picnic during sunset.

You can either walk from town, or as I did, you can take the bus through Gracia and up to El Carmel where it's then a steep 10 minute walk to the summit. These old bunkers I think were only opened to the public about 5 years, so a lot of tourist guides still haven't picked up on the fact that they exist and offer panoramic views. 

I first came here last year on a date during sunset, and although that's probably when it's the busiest, I still think it's the perfect time to come. Bring a picnic and some friends and you're set for the evening.