Moving to Cannes


Currently this is one of only a few photos that I have of myself in Cannes, but that's about to change! On Saturday morning, I'm taking an early flight down to the Cote d'Azur where I'm planning to be based for around 6 - 9 months! Whilst I'm there I'll be working for the yacht charter company 212 Yachts, and it will be my first full time job with hopefully lots of responsibility! 

I've been to Cannes several times before so I know the layout a little and I know what to expect when I arrive! I've rented a one bedroom appartment right in the centre of town and only 5 minutes walk from the main promenade and the beach. I'm really looking forward to living so close to the sea and as the weather is certainly a lot warmer than the UK, I'm hoping I'll be able to spend lots of time outside. Luckily a couple of friends from university will also start arriving in February and my cousin is also based on a boat in the same port where my office is located so I won't be without company! 

Just like I was before Paris, I've got those nervous butterflies in my stomach but I think that's normal before moving somewhere new and I'm definitely more excited than I am nervous. I'm super ready for an incredible 8 months ahead of me where I'll learn and experience a lot, so fingers crossed it all works out well! 

It's Sunday evening and tonight is my second evening in my appartment in Cannes! After Mum left earlier today, I've spent the afternoon unpacking, sorting out the appartment, and buying some food to keep me going for the next couple of days. It's been about 5 months since I've been back in this part of France and I couldn't be more excited to be putting down my roots here for a while.